Driving Schools in Lagos, Nigeria: The Best 5

If you’re looking for information on the best driving schools in Lagos, Nigeria, you’re just on the right page. Read on to learn more.

Driving isn’t just about handling a car and moving it. Proper driving takes a lot more. Some of these include: knowing the road signs, understanding driving etiquette, anticipating dangers and so on. One thing every driver must know is that keeping yourself and your passenger(s) safe is more important than the dexterity with which you drive.

In fact, many individuals or schools claim to teach driving but only a few do it the right way. Ideally, the training offered by any driving school should align with the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) policy. They should also be able to help their graduate students in obtaining their driver’s license after the training.

It is important that student drivers are properly taught the basics of driving because research as shown that new drivers are the most prone to accidents. One of the first things to check before enrolling in any driving school is their FRSC accreditation. However, we’ve decided to help you choose the ideal driving schools in Lagos by preparing a shortlist of the best five. This list is based on the quality of their driving tutors, the quality of the training they give and the reviews from their past students.

driving schools in lagos nigeria

Steerite Driving School

Steerite is popular driving school in Lagos. This center is accredited by the FRSC and their vehicles are validated by the Vehicle Inspection Office (VIO). Interestingly, Steerite also has affiliations with training centers in the U.K and U.S.

They provide drivers’ training that cover beginners drivers’ course, advanced driver course, and defensive driver course. Apart from these trainings, Steerite is known as an advocate of safe driving. This is why they often partner with corporate organization to sensitize the public on road safety awareness. Overall, the goal at Steerite is train their students to be good driver and to teach them the importance of driving safely

A1 Driving School

This is an accredited driving school that teaches both the fundamental and advanced principles of driving. Their drivers’ training is flexible and could be fast paced or slow to suit your specific needs. The training at A1 comprise daily sessions that are theoretical and practical. Usually, at the end of the theory class, an exam is conducted based on what has been taught in the class. In the practical class, the student drives driving around the course as well as on normal roads.

Additionally, A1 offers advanced and defensive course. The defensive course involves how you respond to potential dangers as a driver. The defense lessons teach you to respond and not react when driving. You are able to recognize the hazards and respond proactively to these hazards on the road and how to respond to them. There’s also safety course in driving offered by A1.

The training at A1 can be as short as 1 week or as long as 1 month depending on the student’s prior knowledge and how fast s/he can learn. At A1, student takes a theory and practical test prior to graduation prior to being awarded a completion certificate

AA Rescue Driving School

AA is another top class driving school in Lagos that was established in 2003. The school is located in the Lekki Peninsula. AA is a multiservice organization that provides automobile rescue assistance, general logistics, drivers outsourcing, motoring consultancy alongside their learner and advanced driving training. AA is committed to instilling the right motoring culture in Nigeria.

The driving school curriculum at AA is in line with the FRSC Driving School Standardization Policy. The training comprises 26 lessons which could be as short as 5 weeks or as long 13 weeks depending how frequently you take the classes each week.

Ultimate Driving School

This is another top driving school in not just Lagos but Nigeria. They have centers in Abuja, Warri and Port Harcourt. Their center in Lagos is located at Ikeja. The driving school is reputed to produce well trained drivers. Their facilities are accredited by the FRSC and they provide an excellent training curriculum which is in line with the FRSC policy.

New Star Driving School

Located in the Kosofe area of Lagos, NSDS is a top driving school that is committed to producing proper driver that are knowledgeable in the basic principles of driving. They offer beginners and advanced courses in the driving.

Final words

Creating the right driving culture in any society starts from the quality of training received from the many driving centers spread across that region. This is why it is important you enroll in an accredited driving school with top class instructors like the ones we listed.

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