Haulage Companies in Lagos: The Top 10

Haulage companies are involved in the transportation of goods either by road or rail. Some of the most successful haulage companies in Lagos are linked to transport companies which aid for the easy delivery of goods due to their extensive network.

Lagos being the commercial location of Nigeria and a hub for many businesses and corporations has a large number of haulage companies who have set their base in the city. You will find more than just indigenous haulage companies but also multinational haulage companies in Lagos.

In this article, we are going to list the top 10 haulage companies in Lagos based on their reputation and the quality of the services they offer.

  1. GIG Logistics

GIG Logistics is one of the subsidiaries of the GIG Group which owns another subsidiary – God is Good Motors (GIGM) which is actively involved in the transportation of passengers to several locations in Nigeria. GIG Logistics serves as the haulage subsidiary of the group and has grown to be one of the best haulage companies in Lagos.

Its fast growth is mainly due to the success of its parent company and its other subsidiaries. However, GIG Logistics provides one of the best haulage services in Nigeria.

  1. Nosak Haulage Limited

Nosak Haulage Limited is a subsidiary of the Nosak Group and a provider of haulage and distribution services to corporate organizations in Nigeria. The company initially began as a one truck company under the name Goods Delivery Services (GDS). Today, it has a fleet of 55 trucks parked at its head office in Lagos from where it delivers its haulage services within the city and to other parts of the country.

Nosak serves many high profile companies like Nigerian Breweries Plc, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Emzor Pharmaceuticals, PZ Industries Plc, CHI Nigeria Limited and many more.

  1. Top Gear Logistics

Top Gear Logistics is a haulage service provider located in Ikeja, Lagos. The company serves mainly individual and small business but is able to handle bulk haulage offers from corporations and large organizations. Top Gear logistics is made up of a team of 20 personnel who ensure the delivery of quality services to its customers.

  1. MDS Logistics Ltd

MDS (Manufacturers’ Delivery Services) was established in 1965 as a haulage and warehouse service provider located in Lagos. It is one of the largest haulage companies in Nigeria. The company boasts of 46 distribution centers spread across the country and performs its haulage services through the aid of 203 vehicles within its fleet. It offers its services to over 60 clients in the country.

MDS has a workforce of over 500 people who run the day-to-day activities in the company and ensure that its services remain of the highest quality. Their services have been able to connect their clients with customers in over 400 locations in Nigeria.

  1. Courier Plus

CourierPlus is one of the market leaders in the transportation and delivery industry with only just 10 years of experience on its side. It is one of the leading haulage companies in Lagos with a workforce of over 400 personnel operating in its 66 branches spread across the country.

CourierPlus offers its services to individuals, small businesses and corporate organizations. Its services are of the highest quality which is why it has been able to retain its position as one of the market leaders in the very competitive industry.

  1. AGS Movers Lagos

AGS Movers Lagos is a subsidiary of AGS Group. Although the company is based in Lagos, it has an extensive network which allows it to make delivery and perform its haulage operations in most parts of Nigeria.

AGS Movers Lagos was founded in 2004 as the haulage subsidiary of the AGS Group in Nigeria. The AGS Group is a leading logistics company providing moving and storage services to clients in 95 countries.

  1. Abglona Logistics Limited

Abglona Logistics Limited offers one of the best quality haulage services in the transportation industry. It is known as a top haulage service provider and has held that position since it was incorporated in 2011. The company offers various services which range from warehousing to freight handling, shipping, and haulage.

Abglona Logistics Limited has its head office located in Lagos, Nigeria from where it performs all its administrative functions.

  1. AB Logistics

AB Logistics has one of the most extensive networks compared to other haulage service providers. It also carries out deliveries to all 36 states in Nigeria and to other countries in the world.

AB Logistics offers one of the most professional haulage services and provides insurance cover on its goods during delivery.

  1. Funsho Logistics

Funsho Logistics is a subsidiary of Funsho International and is one of the leading haulage services providers in Lagos with the best service quality and professionalism that easy makes them a preferred choice in the industry.

They offer door to door delivery services, bulk mail delivery, and fleet management delivery.

  1. Red Star Express

There are very few haulage companies in Lagos that can match up to the quality and professionalism of Red Star Express. The company has continuously held to its position as one of the market leaders in the industry.

Red Star Express has been in operation for more than 10 years and was listed in the Nigerian Stock Exchange in 2007. The company is one of the well-recognized logistics company in Lagos with a massive customer base. Red Star Express also boasts of one of the largest workforces amongst logistics companies with over 1,700 employees dedicated to providing the best service to its customers.

Red Star Express’ expansion has seen it set 166 offices in major areas in Nigeria and built its fleet to a staggering number of 703 vehicles. Red Star Express doesn’t just handle local haulage services but also international services as well. All its international delivery services are managed and run by its international partner FedEX.

That concludes the article on the Top 10 haulage companies in Lagos. Due to the stiff competition among haulage companies in Nigeria, you will find many haulage companies offering their services at very low prices. However, it’s best to ensure you only choose a company with the most professional outlook.

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