Lagos State Logo/ Coat of Arms and Its Meaning

The Lagos State coat of arms (unofficially called the Lagos state logo or Lagos State government logo) is the seal of the government of Lagos State and the official representation of the State’s authority.

The Lagos state logo/ coat of arms was designed shortly after the creation of the state on May 24, 1967. Upon its design, it was well received by the public not just because of its unique artistic design, but also because the interpretations ascribed to its features (white cap, akoko leaves, wheel, fishing activity, cowries, three lines, coconut palm, and motto) were seen to be a true reflection of Lagos State and her people.

lagos state logo coat of arms

Lagos logo/ coat of arms: What each feature represents

The white cap (“keresimesi”), which looks like a Christmas cap, depicts authority, which Lagos state and its people boast of having over others in the country.

The leaves (“akoko” leaves) placed at the base of the white cap denotes longevity. These same leaves are used at installation and coronation of traditional rulers in Yorubaland to pray the gods for long life for the new ruler.

The cowries remind of the olden past, where they were used as currency before the advent of coins and notes.

The brownish gold background beneath the cowries indicates the colour of the foreshore sands that can be seen in all the divisions of Lagos State.

The fishing activities pictured on the coat of arms depict the traditional occupation of the earliest settlers in Lagos.

The coconut palm trees indicate the main agricultural produce that comes from Lagos State.

The wheel represents industry (of course, Lagos State can be said to be the industrial hub of the country), and the red background depict power generation.

The “Justice and Progress” inscription is the motto of Lagos State. “Justice” means the state has an obligation to give every citizen his or her due rights without bias, fear, or favouritism. “Progress” means a strong hope for a bright future.

The three lines dividing the shields indicate the past, present, and the future of Lagos State and her people.


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