5 Best Makeup Schools in Lagos, Nigeria

beauty schools in lagos

External beauty may only be skin deep, but it still remains quite important. And this explains why the makeup industry is one of the most popular industries not just in Nigeria but in the world. The beauty and makeup industry in Nigeria has evolved in the past 20 years. This has led to the proliferation …

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Tailoring Schools in Lagos, Nigeria: The Best 5

tailoring schools in lagos nigeria

Are you looking for information on the best tailoring schools in Lagos, Nigeria? Then you’re just on the right page. Read on to learn more. A few years ago, tailoring was a vocation meant for individuals who couldn’t pursue a higher education but had to do something meaningful. There were only a few people that …

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Top Fashion Schools in Lagos Mainland

fashion schools in lagos mainland

The fashion industry in Nigeria is becoming increasingly competitive as more designers continue to raise the bar with their innovative works. And Lagos is leading the train for obvious reasons. If you must command your own client base, you need to be properly grounded in the art and business of fashion. That is why you …

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Online Boutiques in Lagos, Nigeria: The Top 5

online boutiques in lagos

Online shopping can be really exciting, only if you know where to shop. When it comes to fashion items, there are some stores that should be on the top of your list anytime you choose to shop online. In this post, we’ve highlighted these online boutiques and the features that make them stand out. Top …

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Top Fashion Schools in Lekki, Lagos

The fashion industry in Nigeria has grown rapidly over the last few years and there are several top notch fashion schools in the country. If you reside on the Island and you are interested in enrolling in any of the top notch fashion schools in this part, you will find this post helpful. In this …

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