List of Etisalat Experience Centres in Lagos, Nigeria

Most people already know Etisalat which is one of Nigeria’s top network providers with millions of active subscribers spread over the country. Although the company went through an acquisition and got rebranded to “9mobile”, most Nigerians still prefer to call the network provider by its former name. Etisalat remains one of the most affordable network …

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Best Event Centres in Lagos, Nigeria (and Prices)

event centres in lagos prices

One of the major factors you should consider when planning an event is the location of the event. Of course, everyone likes the idea of entertaining guests in a beautifully arranged place. Even though events can be held in open fields with chairs arranged under canopies, most Lagosians prefer enclosed and classy venues, especially during …

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Eko Atlantic City: Pictures, Facts, and Updates

eko atlantic city pictures 91

If you’ve never heard of the Eko Atlantic City, then you probably are not doing enough to keep abreast of developments in Nigeria. But all hope isn’t lost; this page will school you on all you need to know about this awesome international commercial hub in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. Read and scroll on …

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DHL Offices in Lagos, Nigeria: The Full List

dhl offices in lagos nigeria

If you’re looking for the full list of DHL offices in Lagos, Nigeria, you’re just on the right page. In the late 1960s, a young American law student by the name Larry Hillbloom took a portion of his student loan to start a courier service company. He started this business along with his two friends …

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10 Best Furniture Stores in Lagos, Nigeria

The only real way to make your home or office appealing is to invest in good quality furniture that looks attractive. Truth is, your home or office can never look attractive without top-grade furniture, but with that in place you can still have a beautiful home/office even if it lacks other stuffs like TVs, and …

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Best Interior Design Schools in Lagos: The Top 10

interior decoration schools in lagos

Becoming an interior designer requires having the right amount of knowledge and skills. In fact, we won’t be wrong to say interior design isn’t a profession you just wake up and decide to plunge into. To develop a career in interior design, you need the right tenacity and great level of acumen, hence the need …

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Apple Stores in Lagos, Nigeria: The Full List

apple stores in lagos nigeria

Are you residing in Lagos and are looking for reliable and authorized Apple stores in Lagos where you can buy your Apple products or devices? Well, you don’t have to look any further because there are several stores in Lagos and environs. These stores don’t just sell these products and leave you to figure out …

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Lagos State Local Governments and their Wards

list of local governments in lagos state

You’ll be surprised to discover that many Lagosians don’t know the wards in the local government area in which they reside. However, we’ve decided to address this on this page. In the course of this post, we’ll be highlighting the 20 LGAs in the state and their wards. Typically, each LGA has 2 constituencies and …

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