Photography Schools in Lagos, Nigeria: The Best 5

Are you looking for information on the best photography schools in Lagos, Nigeria? Then you’re just on the right page. Read on to learn more.

With the proliferation of smart phones, everyone can easily pose as a photographer. But there’s certainly more to taking pictures than using a camera phone. Taking an excellent shot isn’t just a hobby; it’s an art that requires the right skill. You can learn to shoot like a pro and not like a hobbyist. But you need to take a couple of steps towards achieving that. One of these is to enroll in a top notch photography school.

There are many photography schools but only a few make our list. This list is based on reviews by professional photographers as well as past students from these schools.

photography schools in lagos nigeria

Shola Animashaun Photography Academy (SAPA)

Established by Shola Animashaun, a well traveled photographer. SAPA offers several courses in photography which include: basic course in digital photography, basic studio photography, wedding photography, photoshop for photographers, fashion photography and the business of photography. The class at SAPA is quite small, but the training is really intensive and expansive. The classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For those who are busy with a 9-5 job, there are weekend classes on Sunday at SAPA

SAPA also offer photography courses for kids from age 7-15. Also, Shola Animashaun  offers mentoring for students at SAPA. Students are taught how to build their offline and online brand as a photographer.

Dare Photography

Located in Magodo, Dare Photography specializes in wedding photography, digital photography and studio photography. Their students are well trained in the art of photography and often enjoy successful careers in photography.

Losgiddy School of Photography

The training at LSOP prepares students for the real world in photography where they can handle any type of photography. The team at LSOP is committed to providing top class photography, cinematics and visuals. The classes are taught by Adeyemi Adewusi, an internationally trained photographer. The school has an excellent learning environment. In fact, the equipment for your photography practical is provided by the school. This is why LSOP is the perfect place for any aspiring photographer. Apart from the course fees, all you need to come along with is a passionate and a willing mind. These include camera, lenses and tripods. Some of the courses offered include basic course in photography, professional course in digital photography, fashion/model photography, makeup photography and editing and many more.

There is a special course that combines all the photography courses into, it is called the art of digital photography. Also, LSOP offers a course in business management for free. Although there are no weekend classes at LSOP, the timing can be adjusted to meet your specific needs.

Eloquent Academy

This is another top photography school that offers in-depth training in photography and videography. Eloquent is not just a photography academy, it is multimedia company. Some of the things they offer in their photography classes include: how to choose the right camera, modern camera design, uses of photography lenses, key photography accessories and much more.

The tutors at Eloquent Academy are quite experienced in photography. They create an enabling learning environment by using interactive quiz and practical assignment to promote effective learning.

Overall, Eloquent offers a flexible schedule for their training class and all you need do is to find out which time frame suits you best.

Elo Photos

Elo Photos is a top rated photography school in Lagos that also offers photography services and consultancy. At Elo Photos, online training tutorials, workshops and internship programs are the tools they use in training the next generation of photographers. They are committed to raising world class photographers.

Elo Photos also organizes a couple of photography programs namely: the Nigeria Photography and Expo Conference  (NIPHEC) and the gospel of photography.

Also, for those who want to begin a career in photography, the 6 months diploma by Elo Photos lays the proper foundation for building your career. It is an all encompassing course where you’ll be taught the history of photography, lens, camera, lighting, product photography event photography, lighting, introduction to adobe CS6, designing a photographer size and so on.

There’s a 10 hours intensive training that teaches over 50 hours of photography. The courses taught include introduction to digital photography, lighting and composition, business of photography, the digital darkroom as well as social media for photographers.

Wrapping up

Photography is quite interesting to learn, however the school of learning can it much more fun without losing the professional touch. Some of such schools have been compiled in this list, so what are you waiting for? Get in touch and start exploring.

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