List of Beaches in Lagos Nigeria

One of the best places to have fun in Lagos is going to any of the beaches in the states.

You can choose to visit any of the popular beaches on a weekend or even in the evening to enjoy the cool evening breeze.

Also, some of the beaches have resort centres where you can spend several days with your partner or with friends and families.

There are many options in Lagos if you want to go to the beach and in this post, you’ll find a list of the beaches in the state.

#1 Lagos Bar Beach

This is arguably the most popular in Nigeria. The beach is located in the heart of Victoria Island. It is one of the naturally forming beaches in the state.

The best time for visit the Lagos Bar Beach is during the festive periods because a lot of entertaining events are done during this period. For example, the Lagos State Government organizes the One Lagos Fiesta which is a musical festival towards the end of December every year.

The bar beach is also a good place to get a tan especially if you visit between the months of November and March, as this is the summer period in Lagos.

#2 La Campagne Tropicana

La Campagne Tropicana Beach is not just a beach; it is a private resort comprising a fresh water lake, accessible mangrove forest, a savannah, a warm Atlantic sea and an extensive sandy beach.

The beach covers 60 acres of land and it is one the best beach resorts in the country.

It has been patronized by scores of world class dignitaries from ex-presidents, ministers to monarchs.

The resort has African themed villas where you can stay with your friends or family if you intend to spend a couple of days or weeks there. There are many things you can do on this beaching from swimming, canoeing, hiking, horseriding, beach volleyball, beach football, snorkeling hunting to ocean fishing. The beach is located in Ikegan in Ibeju, Lekki.

#3 Coconut Beach

Coconut Beach is located in the coastal town of Badagry. The name of the beach is derived from the coconut trees that surround it. The beach is accessible through the Lagos-Badagry expressway.

Coconut beach has similar features with many of the beaches in Lagos. It is a great destination for various fun-seekers with music and other musical jamboree. The beach is also an ideal destination for you especially during the holiday or yuletide season.

#4 Tarkwa Bay

Located along the Lagos harbor, you can access the Tarkwa bay via a boat from the Falo Bridge on Victoria Island. There are many delicious treats that you can get her like pineapples and coconut. Tarkwa Bay will also be great for you if you’re a swimmer or water-sports enthusiast.

#5 Lekki Beach

This is agroup of beaches along the Lekki Peninsula. The beach has shelters made of palm fronds and umbrella which you can rent during the course of your stay at the beach. You can also buy snacks and refreshments from the local vendors on the beach.

There are many activities you can enjoy while being close to the beach. These include playing golf, swimming and playing tennis. There’s also a health spa close to the beach where you can relax.

 #6 Eleko Beach

This beach was opened in 1989 and it is quite recent when compared to likes of Lekki Beach, Tarkwa Bay and the Bar Beach. Eleko is known for its peaceful ambience and tranquility.

Eleko is a public beach and it is located close to La Campagne Tropicana. The beach also offers private beach features such as bamboo huts and it is quite clean.

#7 Akodo Beach

This is another modern beach that is quite interesting to visit. The beach has a swimming spot where you take a dive into the sea. There are also chalets on the beach where you can stay in the course of the day or over night

 #8 Kuramo Beach

Kuramo is another popular private beach. The beach is known for the many restaurants found along the area. Also, the beach is a unique spot for music and other entertaining events.

 #9 Elegushi Beach

Elegushi is another private located around the Ikate area of Lekki. The beach is one of the best places to visit if you’re looking for some adventure on your outing because it is always bustling with people.

#10 Atican Beach

Atican is one of the private beaches in Lagos. It is located in Lekki and it isn’t just a beach, it is resort that provides an avenue for fun and relaxation. The beach comes with clean white sand and a beautiful Carribean style layout making it a great destination for romantic getaways, group hang out and family outings.

#11 Oniru Beach

Oniru is one of the most beautiful and serene private beaches in Lagos. It is owned by the Oniru Royal Family and it is also one of the most sort-after beaches in Lagos as a result of its serenity and neatness.

The beach is located on Victoria Island and it is known to be a popular venue for parties, live shows, and special events.

#12 Whispering Palms

Located in Badagry, Whispering is a resort comprising a museum, mini zoo, and a beach. The resort can be used for occassions and events as well as vacations and getaways.

The resort is located in Badagry and the scenery is quite great with warm breeze from the Atlantic Ocean.

#13 Lekki Leisure Lake

The Lekki Leisure Lake is located opposite the three-story Vantage Beach Hotel. The lake has several beautiful beaches.

It is a great place for fun and relaxation whether going alone or as a group. The resort centre overlooks the Atlantic in the Lekki peninsula area.

The lake is private and very safe. There are also many mentally stimulating leisure activities and you can even host your birthday party or any other private function on the lake.

#14 Halemson Beach Resort

Halemson is an exclusive beach overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It is located in Ijegun. It has a resort centre that is fully equipped with several indoor and outdoor recreational facilities such as a tennis court, badminton, ludo, chess, bikes for riding, card games, rope climbing exercises, monopoly, darts, a basketball court, volleyball, a football field and even a golf bunker.

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