Boarding Schools in Lagos, Nigeria: The Best 10

One of the best ways of inculcating independence in your child is to enroll them in any of the best boarding schools in Lagos (Nigeria).

The boarding school setting enables your child to take up residence in a hostel facility that is at proximity to the classroom and it’s really a great platform for socialization.

Living in the hostel allows male and female students stay with other people asides their siblings or relatives and this enables them to learn an interesting perspective about the real world.

However, in terms of standards, there are different types of boarding schools. Some of these schools are really good while others are not so good. This article highlights the best 10 boarding schools in Lagos.

boarding schools in lagos Nigeria

#1 White Dove Schools (WDS)

Founded in 2004, White Dove Schools comprise nursery, primary and secondary schools. The nursery schools offer the British Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum in addition to the Nigerian Curriculum. Also, the Montessori principles are applied to the training of these children at White Dove Nursery Schools.

The primary school caters for children between the ages of 6 to 12. The curriculum at the primary level blends the British Curriculum with that of Nigeria. The boarding facilities at WDS are available for children between the ages of 2 and 18.

The school is well equipped with the state of the art facilities. Also, they have an excellent student: teacher ratio. This allows for qualitative interaction between the teachers and students.

The high school caters for students between the ages of 11 and 18 and their curriculum has been tailored to prepare students for both the SSCE and IGSCE.

#2 St Gregory’s College (SGC)

St Gregory’s College is one of the oldest schools in Lagos. Located in Ikoyi, SGC was founded in 1928.

This school is known to train students to become excellent in their endeavours and to become leaders of their generations.

SGC is one of the 9 Catholic Mission schools and it is primarily a boys’ only school with standard boarding facilities.

#3 Holy Child College

Founded in 1945, Holy Child College is the sister school of the St Gregory’s College. The school is located in the Ikoyi area of Lagos State.

The school is equipped with standard boarding facilities and the educational system is based on the Universal Basic Education (UBE).

#4 Rainbow College

Renowned for having high educational standards, Rainbow College is one of the top schools in Lagos that also includes boarding facilities.

The school was established in 1996 as an all boys private school. However, the school merged with Pampers Private School.

Rainbow College has a day school as well as a boarding school. However, the boarding school is located in Ogun State; eventhough the school still has its roots in Lagos.

At the boarding school, there is a team of pastors, matrons and guidance counsellors that ensures that the children are well taken care of. As a result, the welfare of the children is of utmost concern and many of the students actually see the school as a second home.

The school blends the British system with the Nigerian system. Overall, the students of Rainbow College are adequately prepared for both the national and international examinations such as JSSCE, JAMB, SSCE, IGSCE, TOEFL, SAT and IELTS.

#5 Greensprings Schools

With several international accreditations and partnerships, Greensprings Schools is one of the top class schools in the country. They provide state-of-the-art facilities that ensure that the welfare of their students is a priority. One of such facilities is the boarding house that ensures that students are in close proximity with their learning environment.

Many parents recommend Greensprings because of the way they cater for their students.

#6 Emerald Schools

Established in 1995, Emerald Schools was established as a nursery and primary school in Gbagada, Lagos. However, the secondary school of Emerald was founded in 2005 and it is located in Ogunrun-Ori village in Ogun.

The boarding facilities have hostels that are managed by competent personnels. Also, they have a clinic that is well stocked with drugs and supervised by qualified matrons and medical staff.

Their curriculum blends the Nigerian curriculum with that of the British and the students at Emerald are typically prepared for exams like the IGCSE, NECO and WASSCE. They also tutors their students for SAT and TOEFL

#7 Ostra Private Schools (OPS)

Ostra Private Schools is reputed for their high academic standard and their curriculum is tailored to meet the scope of the 21st century.

They have an ICT room with interactive boards and over 25 laptops. OPS caters for children from the nursery to the primary and college levels.

The school was established in 1995 and is well equipped with boarding facilities. The hostels are well furnished with the necessary equipments needed to provide adequate care to students as well as ensure that the environment puts them in the right mental state for optimal learning.

#8 Apata Memorial School (AMS)

Apata Memorial School is another top class school in Lagos that was established in Lagos and has grown to become one of the most popular schools in Lagos.

Equipped with standard boarding facilities, AMS has hostel facilities that have been designed for both male and female students. The boarding facilities have bee well secured and the students are well fed balanced diet.

Some of the other facilities at AMS include ultra modern science laboratories, well furnished home economics department with modern gadgets, properly stocked library and a well equipped medical clinic.

#9 Loral International School (LIS)

Loral International School was established in 1976 by Loretta Nwosu. The school is located in Festac Town.

LIS was established as a nursery and primary school but has grown over the years to include a secondary school as well as boarding facilities.

The first set of children registered in 1978 and the boarding school was built at the Igbesa area of Ogun State.

The day school is located at Festac town and this school caters for primary and secondary school students.

#10 Apostolic Faith Secondary School (AFSS)

Apart from their academic achievements, the Apostolic Faith Secondary School is also known for its state of the art boarding facilities

AFSS is located in Anthony village in Lagos. The school was established in 2002 with a total of 79 students enrolled.

The school’s syllabus prepares the students for JSCE, SSCE, IGCSE, SAT and other international examination.

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