Dance Schools in Lagos, Nigeria: The Best 5

If you’re looking for information on the best dance schools in Lagos, Nigeria, you’re just on the right page. Read on to learn more.

Dancing isn’t just about having the innate talent; it takes a lot of hard work and proper coaching to become a very good dancer. Additionally, dancing has a lot of benefits ranging from improving your flexibility to promoting your fitness and well-being.

There are many dance schools that teach dance, however only a few tailor their dance courses to meet your specific needs. For instance, no matter how rigid you are, there are dance schools that can help you become more flexible in your dance style. We’ve taken time to research scores of dance schools and we’ve created a list of the best 5 particularly in Lagos.

dance schools in lagos nigeria

Danzefx studios

Located in Yaba, Danzefx studios was established in 2013 by Paul & Tinuke Lawal. The idea behind the school is to allow people that enjoy dancing express themselves better and more skillfully. They have a team of experienced dance instructors and choreographers. The team of instructors focus on enabling the dancers express themselves in a more creative manner when dancing.

The studio has a range of dance and fitness services which include dance to keep fit, dance to lose weight, zumba fitness, and kiddies dance club. Additionally, the dance styles at Danzefx help to improve fitness and general wellness. This is why this studio isn’t seen as just a dance school but a fitness centre.

At Dancefx studio, dance is really fun and it isn’t just seen as a hobby but a platform for bonding with other participants. Students at Danzefx often find time to relax and have fun in places like the beach.

Bodylanguage studio

This dance school is located in Ilupeju, Lagos. They are reputed in teaching these specific dance styles particularly salsa and hip hop dance. Their training at Bodylanguage are usually very intensive and expansive. This school was established in 2012 not just as dance school but as a fitness centre.

Imagneto Dance Company

Imagneto is owned by Kafayat Shafau, one of the most popular professional dancers in the country.  The company provides regular training, fitness training as well as occasional workshop in dance and fitness. The workshop specializes in technical and professional training in dance.

The general dance courses are divided into two. The professional courses include ballet, hip hop, technique classe, latin class, afrobeat hip hop, African dance, contemporary dance, introduction to dance business, fitness and general body conditioning. The most popular professional dance course is dance business.

The non professional courses include ballet, afrobeat hip hop, fitness and general body conditioning.

Red Caramel Dance and Fitness

RCD&F is the home of exotic dance. They specialize in Burlesque fitness also known as chair dance. The instructors at Red Caramel often pay attention to the fitness and conditioning of their students in relation to their dance techniques. Generally, the dance training consists of styles that involve slow controlled movement, urban dance moves as well as body balance.

Dance City International

Dance City was established in 2008 as a multi-entertainment centre providing costume design, stage management and dance training. They presently have their centre in Surulere. Dance City is committed to giving dance its true essence and has trained thousands of young people in their facilities since inception.

The instructors at Dance City are experienced in teaching dance to students in many of the popular private schools in Lagos like Corona, Greensprings and Pampers. The team of instructors also organizes occasional workshops for aspiring dancers.

Dance City is known to organize yearly concert which interested students from their centers can join and perform in the concert. This center also works in partnership with local communities and international organizations to promote dance. Additionally, Dance City serves as the intermediary between the dance community and the entertainment industry.

Generally, the training at Dance City is quite flexible and can be tailored to meet your individual need. Some of the dance courses offered include classic ballet, hip hop, traditional Nigerian dance, zumba fitness, salsa, ballroom and multicultural dances with origins such as India, Malaysia and China. The dance classes are offered on weekdays for students and weekends for workers.

Final thoughts

Dance is one of the best ways to have fun while keeping fit. However, learning dance in the right school can help increase your passion for dance and improve how you express yourself as a dancer. The schools on our list are examples of such schools that make you look forward to dancing not just as a hobby but a way of life.


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