Delivery Companies in Lagos: The Top 10

The use of delivery companies has become more common as more people begin to take to e-commerce platforms for their shopping activities. Whether you are shopping for electronics or foodstuffs, you will need a reputable delivery company to bring the goods to your doorstep.

This is why we have compiled a list of the top delivery companies in Lagos. This list consists of only the most reputable delivery companies with the best services. They provide services like fast delivery, package handling, and great customer service.

  1. Delivery Man

Delivery Man is a fast-rising delivery company located in the heart of Lagos. They boast of a professional workforce and one of the best delivery services in the city of Lagos. Delivery Man’s services are also affordable which easily makes them the first choice for many people.

Delivery Man operates a dedicated bike delivery service and an outsourced dispatch delivery service. These services are fast and professional coupled with a 24/7 customer support service that is quite satisfactory.

  1. Trans-Nationwide Express Plc (TRANEX)

Tranex is a leading delivery company engaged in local and international express delivery, transportation, and storage services. The company was initially established as TNT Skypak Nigeria Limited in 1984 before it was rebranded to its present name in 1992.

Tranex has its head office in Lagos where its main market is located, however, the company also has an extensive network of offices spread all over the country. Its delivery service is made up of a fleet of motorcycles, buses, delivery vans and trucks which all aid in the fast delivery of goods. They also offer a reliable Track and Trace system that allows you to track the location and shipment information of your goods online. Tranex also offers a Goods-in-transit insurance policy for all its shipments in transit.

  1. GIG Logistics

GIG Logistics is a subsidiary of the GIG Group and one of the best delivery companies in Lagos. GIG Logistics was established in 2012 to handle the delivery of goods and other services. The company has grown over the years and expanded to other areas. GIG Logistics has an extensive network spread across the city of Lagos and Nigeria thanks to the GIG Group’s other subsidiary, God is Good Motors (GIGM).

Presently it offers local courier services, corporate courier services, and international courier services. Its local courier services are one of the best as customers would have their goods delivered to them within 24 hours regardless of the location.

  1. Ezez Courier Services Limited

Ezez Courier Services Limited was established in 2006 and has since risen to become one of the major delivery companies in Lagos. The company also has 25 offices spread across Nigeria and international agents which handle all their international delivery services. Ezez Courier Services Limited has an extensive fleet of vehicles which aid in the fast and smooth delivery of goods to the consumers.

The company has a top-notch customer service that is available 24/7 to meet the needs and inquires of their customers.

  1. Courier Plus

CourierPlus is a top delivery company in Lagos and one of the well-recognized brands in Nigeria. Their reliability and accountability have made them a market leader as most Nigerians would prefer to use this delivery service due to their track record. The company has an extensive network spread across with country with a professional workforce of over 400 people.

Courier Plus has gone from a beginner in the logistics industry to a market leader since it was established in 2009. Today, it has 66 branches spread across Nigeria through which its offers it top-quality services.

  1. AB Logistics

AB Logistics is one of the best delivery companies in Lagos and also one of the most trusted. It has an extensive delivery network with a reach in all 36 states in Nigeria. Many people could consider AB Logistics as the first option when looking for a delivery company due to their charges and high-quality services. This is because the company charges one of the lowest rates while offering an unrivaled delivery service to its customers.

AB Logistics also provides insurance coverage on some fragile goods during delivery. However, the customer would be required to pay for the insurance cover.

  1. Nationdelivery Nigeria LTD

Nationdelivery Nigeria LTD was established in 2012 and considers itself an Africa market leader in the global express. The company provides an unmatched online tracking system to ensure that you can track and trace your goods at any time of delivery. Nationdelivery also provides one of the most affordable services and they are reputed to be reliable, quick, cost-effective and efficient in their delivery operations.

Nationdelivery offers door-to-door delivery and delivers on Sundays which is not common among many delivery companies in Lagos. With Nationdelivery, you can get your goods delivered to you between 20 minutes to 2 days depending on your location and the goods itself.

  1. Mr. Delivery Nigeria Limited

Mr. Delivery Nigeria Limited is a fast-rising delivery service located in the heart of Lagos. They are on the verge of becoming the number one delivery service provider due to their quality service which is reliable, fast and efficient.

Mr. Delivery Nigeria also offers one of the most affordable speedy delivery services you can find in Lagos. Whether you run an e-commerce platform, online store or physical store, you can call on them to handle the delivery of your goods to your customers and trust that they will get it done in the specified time.

  1. Red Star Express

Red Star Express is another recognized delivery company in Lagos and one of the largest logistics companies in Nigeria. Red Star Express was listed in the Nigerian Stock Exchange in 2007 as a public quoted company, it has since been able to build a massive customer base and reputation for itself in the country.

The company boasts of an extensive network with 166 offices in Nigeria and staff strength of 1,700 employees. Its fleet of vehicles is one of the largest amongst other delivery services with more than 700 vehicles owned.

Red Star Express handles local and international delivery services. Its international delivery services are managed by its international partner FedEX.

  1. Tranzind Delivery

Tranzind Delivery is a quality delivery service located in Lekki, Lagos. Unlike others on our list, Tranzind Delivery is only engaged with the delivery of food and food items. They offer both local and corporate delivery and catering services.

That concludes the article on the top 10 delivery companies in Lagos.

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