5 Best Makeup Schools in Lagos, Nigeria

External beauty may only be skin deep, but it still remains quite important. And this explains why the makeup industry is one of the most popular industries not just in Nigeria but in the world.

The beauty and makeup industry in Nigeria has evolved in the past 20 years. This has led to the proliferation of makeup schools all over the country.

This trend has also led to rampant rise in the number of mediocre schools of makeup. This is why you need to do a proper research before enrolling in any makeup school.

Best Makeup Schools in Lagos, Nigeria

best makeup schools in lagos

There are many great makeup schools in Lagos (and Nigeria as a whole), and we’ve decided to make your search for that perfect makeup school easy by compiling this list of the top five — based on our findings.

House of Tara Makeup School

House of Tara Makeup School is one of the pioneer makeup schools in the country. It was founded by Tara Fela-Durotoye in 2003 with a mission of training the next generation of makeup artists.

HOTMS has a wide range of intensive training courses. Some of these makeup courses include; the basic beauty makeup course, the advanced beauty makeup course, professional makeup course, refresher makeup course, theatre makeup course and personal makeup course.

The flexibility of the courses offered also make it alluring to prospective students, these courses could be as long as 2 months or as short as 2 days. However, the duration of these courses doesn’t change the fact that they are quite intensive. Additionally, the classes are small in size which enables proper communication between tutors and students.

HOTMS has over 14 makeup schools and the makeup tutors comprise a bunch of seasoned professionals in the makeup and beauty industry.

If you’re an individual that intends to learn the art of beauty and makeup and to perfect your skill in this area, then HOTM is highly recommended for you.

However, beyond its school of makeup, HOT also exist as a company that produces and sells makeup kits and they have over 5600 beauty reps that are involved in marketing their products.

MUD Nigeria

MUD stands for Makeup Designory. This makeup school was established in 2010 and has trained over 1000 makeup artists since inception.

The curriculum at MUD includes comprehensive theory and practical programs in the various fields of makeup.

Some of the courses include bridal makeup, studio makeup, high fashion makeup, air brush makeup and beauty essentials.

Students are issued a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

Zaron Makeup School

Zaron is an international cosmetic brand that was established in Leeds, United Kingdom. However, they have a branch in Nigeria that includes makeup training as part of their service. The training centre is located in Ikoyi, Lagos

The makeup school is known as the Zaron Professional Training Makeup Program which is aimed at training intending makeup artists. Additionally, the makeup program isn’t just about makeup; other courses include gele training as well as skin care and aesthetics courses.

The classes are extremely small with a teacher to student ratio of 1:6. The duration of the makeup program is 2 weeks.

The Unveil Institute

Unveil Institute started in 2003 and was set up to convert amateur stylists into masters. The makeup training course takes place in a studio environment with the use of international brands like unveil, mac and bobbi brown. The training provides hands on experience to improve the students’ skills.

Generally, the course starts with a basic training that covers the important aspects of beauty which include preparing the skin, choosing and applying the right foundation, concealer, powder and much more.

The classes could be as short as a few days to as long as several weeks and a certificate of completion is issued at the end of the program.

BM Pro

Located in Ikoyi, Lagos, BM Pro was founded by one of the foremost makeup professionals in the country – Banke Meshida Lawal.

This makeup school is committed to training aspiring makeup artist into become excellent makeup professionals.

BM Pro offers a wide range of courses in its makeup school which include: bridal beauty and photographic; intensive beauty course; intensive makeup course; air brush make up course; theatrical and character makeup course; professional makeup artist course; cosmetics camouflage; special effects and casualty and many more.

Final word

Choosing the right make up school can be hard due to overwhelmingly high number of makeup schools in Lagos alone. However, this list of the best makeup schools in Lagos should make the task a lot easier for you.

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