Estates in Lagos (February 2024)

Lagos is home to many of the largest and most expensive residential estates in Nigeria. Residential estates are known to be one of the best places to live as you would easily get access to water, electricity, security, and other social amenities which are not available in other residential areas.

The main downside of living in a residential estate is the high cost of the rent. You would have to pay double for rent and every social amenity if you want to live in a residential estate. This is why these estates are mostly occupied by individuals of the upper class. In Lagos, there are two kinds of estates – the Mainland estates and the Island estates. Lagos Mainland estates are more affordable, however, they are not as exquisite as the Lagos Island estates.

The Lagos Island estates are among the most expensive estates in Nigeria. The good thing about living in such estates is that you are sure of your safety as most of these estates have security stations located within them.

Below is a List of Estates in Lagos, including estates in Lagos Mainland, estates in Lagos Island, estates in Ajah and estates in Lekki.

List of Estates in Lagos Island

Parkview Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos

Parkview Estate is owned by a royal family in Lagos and is one of the prestigious estates located within Lagos State. The estate is considered a residential estate, however, there are a few private firms who have their offices and guest houses located there.

Just like most estates in Lagos Island, you can find the best facilities within the estate which make it one of the top locations for many people in the upper class. Parkview Estate is also home to several Nigerian celebrities including Nollywood Actress, Genevieve Nnaji.

Friend’s Colony Estate – Lagos State

Friend’s Colony Estate is a residential estate reserved for the upper class. The estate boasts of one of the most expensive properties and you could find yourself paying a lot for social amenities if you live here. The estates boast of 24-hour electricity, an adequate drainage system, 24-hour security, continuous water supply, and various other facilities that make a great place to live in.

Cost of property in this estate is in the millions which is why only Politicians, celebrities and other high-class individuals own a home in the estate.

Chevy View Estate, Chevron Drive, Lagos

Chevy View Estate is considered to be one of the best estates in Lagos by estate developers due to its location. The estate is host to residential houses and offices of several companies. The estate is also on the expensive side as it offers all the amenities and facilities you can find in most estates within Lagos Island.

Lekki Gardens Estate

Lekki Gardens Estate is one of the most secure estates in Lagos Island. Entry is only allowed to residents of the estates while non-residents would have to come with their host before being allowed to enter. The estate has a management system which keeps the estate clean and safe.

List of Estates in Lagos Mainland

Orchid Court, GRA Ikeja

Orchid Court is one of the prestigious estates in the Lagos Mainland. Although it is cheaper than estates in the Lagos Island, Orchid Court still boasts of the same amenities and facilities you can find in those expensive estates. It is considered the Manhattan in New York as it boasts of a modernized building structure, top security, and management facilities.

Pearl View Estate, Yaba

Pearl View is a small estate located in Yaba, Lagos. The estate boast of just 34 housing units making it one of the smallest estates built specifically for the upper class. Although the estate has one of the best building structures, it can’t be compared to several other larger estates within the Lagos Mainland and Island.

Okupe Estate, Maryland

Okupe Estate is a fully developed estate located in Maryland, Lagos. Although the estate is located in the Mainland, it boasts of the most exquisite houses and a good number of well-managed facilities that makes it a great place to stay. Houses within the estate are mostly duplexes and detached houses with a few bungalow buildings and several blocks of flat.

Grenadine Homes, Mogodo

Grenadine Homes is a high-class residential estate located in Arepo. The estate boasts of the world-class utilities and several well-developed houses. The state has several recreational centers, gardens, and its own delivery service. Security in the estate is also top-notch making it a great place live.  Another great thing about the estate is that the cost of living is less expensive compared to estates in Lagos Island that offer the same facilities.

Shonibare Estate, Maryland

Shonibare Estate is another high-class estate located in Maryland. The estate boasts of many utilities and facilities you can find in many other estates located in the Lagos Mainland Area. Once again, it is a more affordable option compared to estates in the Lagos Island Area.

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