Lagos State Salary Structure (Civil Service Commission)

If you’ve been looking for information on the Lagos State Salary Structure as issued by the Lagos State Civil Service Commission, you’re just on the right page. Read on to learn how much Lagos State pays her employees every month.

Lagos State is one of the most reliable states in the Nigeria when it comes to job security as well as prompt payment of salaries. This is expectable, since the state generates the highest IGR among all the states of the Federation, and the state is entitled to a decent allocation from the Federal government’s purse.

lagos state salary structure

It’s worth noting that having the resources to disburse salaries promptly is one thing, and having good leaders who make prompt payment of salaries a priority is another thing. In recent years, Lagos State has been ruled by governors who have never faltered in the aspect of payment of salaries.

In addition, the Lagos State Civil Service Commission is leaving no stone unturned in its bid to achieve its vision, which is to become   a dynamic, efficient, and effective world-class human resources organization. The Commission is on a mission to provide the state with a competent workforce that comprises highly motivated, disciplined, and productive individuals.

Now, let’s look at the current salary structure of Lagos State.

NOTE: This article was originally written in September 2017, but it has been updated for clarity and correctness.

Lagos State Salary Structure (Grade Level Breakdown)

The Harmonised Public Service Salary Structure (HAPSS) currently being implemented by the Lagos State Civil Service Commission became effective from March 1, 2007. Here’s the table showing the salary grade levels and the corresponding salary ranges. Note: Figures below are the monthly salaries.

Grade level Salary range (N)
01 19,500 – 27,000
02 21,000 – 29,500
03 22,000 – 32,000
04 22,500 – 35,000
05 25,000 – 41,000
06 31,000 – 49,500
07 41,500 – 64,000
08 54,000 – 80,000
09 63,500 – 96,000
10 73,000 – 111,500
12 87,500 – 127,000
13 98,000 – 138,500
14 107,500 – 153,000
15 120,000 – 167,500
16 132,000 – 190,000
17 147,500 – 213,500

NOTE: Due to tax and other deductions by the Lagos State Government, most civil servants in the State do not receive the officially assigned salary figures for their respective positions.

From the table, the minimum salary that can be earned by a civil servant at grade level one (lowest grade) is N19,500, while the highest is N213,500. The starting grade level for each employee of the Lagos State Government depends on a number of factors such as qualifications and years of work experience. For example, a university graduate starts off at grade level 8, while HND and NCE holders start off at grade level 7. Holders of postgraduate degrees, such as Masters degrees may start off at grade level 9.

Usually, a civil servant in Lagos State spends about 3 years on each grade level. After each year, a civil servant is promoted to the next step within the same grade level, which makes him/her entitled to a slight increase in salary. This is to keep employees motivated. However, this promotion is done based on merit, and it’s only granted to employees who have met up with certain requirements such as passing assessment examinations.

Each grade level comprises 15 steps, and going through each step qualifies a civil servant for a salary increase, even though the promotion isn’t to the next grade. After promotion to a new grade, a civil servant does not necessarily have to start from the first step in that grade. Rather, what is usually implemented is that they start from the step that corresponds with a slight increase in their last salary from the previous grade. For example, if a civil servant on grade 10 step 6 gets promoted to grade 13, his/her first step in the new grade (13) will be the step that corresponds to a slight increase in their last salary at grade 10 step 6. If this tallies with grade 13 step 3, that’s where he/she continues from.

Lagos State Salary Structure: Allowances and Bonuses

Now, let’s look at some of the allowances paid by the Lagos state government

  • Transportation allowance = 25% of annual basic salary (for levels 01 – 17)
  • Meal subsidy = N6000 pa (levels 01 – 06), N8000 pa (levels 07 – 10), N9600 pa (levels 12 – 14), N10800 pa (levels 15 – 17)
  • Utility = 15% of annual basic salary (levels 01 – 16), 20% of annual basic salary (level 17)
  • Leave grant = 10% of annual basic salary (levels 01 – 17)
  • Entertainment allowance = N8400 pa (level 15), N10800 pa (levels 16 – 17)

Note, however, that only fractions of these allowances are paid to most civil servants in Lagos.

So, you can get a rough estimate of what a civil servant in Lagos earns by adding the basic salary (see the table above) to the allowances that apply to the person’s grade level.


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