Where & How to Get State of Origin Certificate in Lagos

There are times when you may need to provide a proof that you are an indigene of a particular state. As a result, you may need to visit your local government area to collect a state of origin certificate.

Often times, people lament on how stressful and cumbersome this process can be, but really it isn’t so.

In this post, we’ve highlighted the process of how and where to get this certificate in a seamless manner.

But before we go ahead, there’s one thing you should know about the certificate.

This state of origin certificate comes with a digit code which can not be forged.

Based on this code, your certificate can be verified whether it is fake or authentic. This is why you shouldn’t just patronize anyone hanging around the Local Government office. Instead, you should look for an official with an accompanying ID that indicates that s/he works with the State or Local Government.

lagos state of origin certificate

How to get your Lagos State of Origin certificate

Well, the process of getting this certificate isn’t cumbersome as you can get it within a few hours and in this post we’ve highlighted the process in a stepwise manner.

Step #1

Go to your local government area council with 2 recent passport photographs and explain the reason for your visit.

Step #2

You’ll be given a form. This is the local government state of origin certificate form. Fill the form and pay the certificate charges to the local government account which will be provided to you by the council

Step #3

After payment, you’ll be given a payment teller. You should photocopy this teller and submit the copy to the person in charge of submission at the council

Step #4

Now that you’ve submitted, all you have to do is wait. You may need to locate your village councillor to sign your form before the application can be fully processed and the certificate issued.

FAQs about Lagos State of Origin certificate

Apart from the process of obtaining this certificate, there are some frequently asked questions by prospective applicants which we’ve decided to also answer here.

Question #1: How much to process local government certificate of origin in Nigeria?

The total cost of processing local government certificate in Nigeria is N2,500

Question #2: Do I need to know how to speak my local language before I can apply for the certificate?

Ideally, you should know how to speak the language of the place you’re an indigene of but if you don’t, you may have to explain to the officials at the council as to why you don’t understand your language. However, this isn’t enough to stop them from allowing you to apply.

Question #3: Are there any other extra charges apart from the processing fee?

You’re expected to pay N100 prior to collecting the application form. You’ll also pay N100 when collecting the certificate.

Question #4: Do I have to include my local name when filling the form

You may not get your certificate if you only use English names or names that don’t signify that you are an indigene of that area.

But you shouldn’t replace or add a local name that isn’t on any of your other certificates. This is very important as the authenticity of your certificate may be questioned if the names on it are different from those on other certificates.

If you don’t bear any local names, you just need to find your village councillor in the council premise. He will ask you some question prior to signing your form.

This part can be stressful or take your time, if the councillor isn’t on seat because the processing of your application will be halted until he’s around to sign your document.

You can locate your village councillor by going to the chairman section to ask for him.

Question #5: What kind of questions will the councillor ask?

Some of the questions include

  • Who is your father?
  • Who is your grandfather?
  • How often do you visit the village?
  • Where is your family home located?


So that’s it, getting your licence can be quite straight forward as long as you follow the right steps and you can be done in as little as a day if you have the necessary document and information.

However, it is important to note that the king or chairman of your community or even your village councilor isn’t authorized to give you a local government certificate. The process of obtaining this certificate should be done strictly at the local government secretariat.


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