Tailoring Schools in Lagos, Nigeria: The Best 5

Are you looking for information on the best tailoring schools in Lagos, Nigeria? Then you’re just on the right page. Read on to learn more.

A few years ago, tailoring was a vocation meant for individuals who couldn’t pursue a higher education but had to do something meaningful. There were only a few people that actually chose tailoring as a career. However, in recent years, a lot of college graduates are starting to embrace tailoring. In fact, many have dumped their lucrative jobs for a career in tailoring.

Currently, tailoring has been repackaged into an umbrella term called fashion design. In this case, tailors are not just monotonous in their work instead they design fashion items and sew as appropriate. If you’re one of those with a passion for fashion and you have a long term interest in tailoring or fashion the first step is to find a good school.

There are thousands of tailors that claim to include a tailoring school as part of their service but there’s more to it than just using a sewing machine.

tailoring schools in lagos nigeria

Adurrah Fashion Academy

At Adurrah, the instructors are highly skilled and experienced. Students are taught in a conducive environment. After a period of training, the students are sent as interns to reputable fashion houses. The team at Adurrah specializes in garment production, fashion design, dressmaking, pattern making and crafts. The admission requirement is SSCE and applicant must be at least 18 years.

Some of the courses offered include basic fashion design, intermediate fashion design, advance pattern and fashion design, and executive fashion design. The short courses include fashion business management and mentorship, fashion design crash programme and fashion illustration styling.

The academy also offers loans for promising students to start their own business after graduation. They are also mentored and given the proper business support.

The training is quite intensive and indepth with case studies, practical assignments and external projects. The students are assessed at the end of the program after which they are issued a certificate.

Ginani Fashion Training

Ginani is one of the best fashion schools in the country. Located in Lagos, this school has been training tailors since 2001. Over 1500 tailors have been trained since the school’s inception. The training system at Ginani is unique as it is suited to meet the need of the Nigerian designer. The system is based on scientific principles and not trial and error. The training at Ginani is quite flexible as they offer but weekends and online training.

They also have books that can help designers and aspiring designers improve in their practice. Some of these books include skirt pattern making, trouser pattern making, bodice pattern making and garment construction making for the 21st century

Fashion and Art Academy

FAA is one of the top private academies in the country. Located in Surulere, the centre was established in 2000 and has been helping people achieve technical, creative and business competency. The instructors are practicing professionals in the fashion industry.

The training schedule at FAA is very flexible. You can learn online, or schedule training classes in your own home. You can also get training at their facility. Particularly, their programme are suited for different categories of individuals. These include working class, undergraduates, unemployed graduates, youth corp members, students in primary and secondary schools, housewives, nursing mothers and retirees. They also offer group training and programmes for people that are simply enthusiastic and want to enroll in the programme.

Some of their courses include fashion design, couture bridals, bespoke jackets and bespoke suits. Apart from these courses, they also offer courses in photography, makeovers and jewelry craft.

Rhoda Michael Fashion Academy

Established by Rhoda Michaels, this academy is located in Ikeja. With over ten years in the industry, Rhoda Michael Academy is a top player in fashion training. The express class is as short as 12 weeks while the exclusive class is as long as 18 months. Some of the courses include pattern drafting, clothing construction, bespoke tailoring, fashion sketching, image styling and color analysis. Also, they have courses  that are focused on bridal wear and children wear.

Vi Gold

Vi Gold is an academy that blends African culture with contemporary design. Their attires come with a vast range of style that ensures that everyone is catered for. The duration of their courses ranges from 3 months to 12 months. Individuals are trained in pattern drafting, fashion design, fashion illustration, sewing techniques and creative ideology.

Final words

Tailors have evolved over the years and the only way to stay abreast as an aspiring professional is to learn from experienced tutors at top class schools.

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